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Helping Kids Develop Clear Vision

Myopia is a common vision condition often referred to as nearsightedness. People with myopia experience blurry long-distance vision, which can be corrected in a variety of ways. Normally, myopia begins in childhood and continues to progress up until about age 20. Because of this, it’s especially important to detect myopia early to help slow its progression and reduce the risk of eye disease later in life. During a routine eye exam, we can detect myopia and offer treatment options to help set your kids up for success.

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Why Myopia Control Matters

Kids’ eyes usually grow at a steady rate throughout childhood, but if they grow too quickly or the cornea becomes too curved, the eye is not able to focus light correctly, resulting in myopia. While treatment can slow the progression of myopia and correct vision day-to-day, there is currently no cure for myopia. The sooner myopia is detected, the more we can do to slow its progression and take measures to lower the risk of sight-threatening conditions like cataracts or glaucoma

Advanced Treatments

Our practice offers a range of treatment options to correct myopia in children and adults. Our customization programs allow us to treat very high and complicated myopia where typical myopia management programs fail.

Since lifestyle can have an impact on myopia, we may recommend a combination of prescription and behavioural treatments to help you achieve the best results. Our eye doctors can get to know you and your eyes to recommend personalized treatment options.


Orthokeratology (ortho-k) is currently the most effective treatment for myopia. Ortho-k is a popular option for correcting myopia in children since it uses custom-made contact lenses that are only worn at night. During sleep, ortho-k lenses gently reshape the cornea, allowing the eye to focus light correctly during the day. This treatment is temporary but effective, and can be adjusted to accommodate children’s growing eyes.

Research has found that standard ortho-k lenses can slow the progression of myopia in children by 36-50% compared to glasses or soft contact lenses.  Custom ortho-k lenses, which we do at Bayview Vision Care, have been shown to be even more effective than standard ortho-k lenses.

These lenses are an innovative solution for slowing down myopia progression in children. The spectacle lens technology uses various patterns of focus and defocus areas to correct vision and slow myopia progression. We currently dispense Miyosmart and SightGlass lenses and are awaiting the launch of the new Zeiss lens in spring 2023. These lenses are child-friendly and easy to adapt for frames.

Unlike ortho-k lenses, MiSight contacts are soft lenses worn during the day to correct myopia. They are most suitable for children between 8–12 years old and have been shown to reduce the rate of myopia progression by an average of 59% compared to single-vision lenses.

Low-concentration atropine drops have been shown to significantly slow the progression of myopia in children and only need to be used once per day. Atropine treatment can be used in conjunction with spectacles or contact lenses, as it slows myopia progression but does not correct blurred vision.

How We Can Help

The right treatment for you or your child will depend on eye health, lifestyle, and personal preferences. When you visit us at Bayview Vision Care, we’ll take each of these elements into consideration to help you weigh your options and develop a personalized treatment plan.

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